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VOLUNTEERS: Pending further guidance from Beaverton School District regarding Covid-19 Safety Protocols for Volunteers

Beaver Acres values our volunteers.  Possible volunteer activities range from assisting in the classroom, clerical work such as copies and preparation of materials, field trips, helping with special school activities and events, or participating in the Art Literacy Program. Please visit the Parent Teacher Organization to view our PTO members’ information and website.

We are fortunate to have a Beaver Acres’ Volunteer Coordinator. No past experience is needed for any of the volunteer activities.  Some do need special training and we will schedule an orientation session prior to asking volunteers to assist with these activities.  Volunteers are welcome any time of the year.

We do not have facilities to care for preschoolers while parents are doing volunteer work. If you find it difficult to come to school yourself, you might consider offering to babysit for someone else on a regular or sharing basis.

There is a “sign in” computer in the office specifically for volunteers.  The PTO also provides volunteer badges. REMINDER: After signing up on the Better Impact site, be sure to note your sign in & password information. You will need this information to sign into the Volunteer Computer.


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